I have specialized in pre-purchase valuation and damage surveys.

Welcome to my site. I founded in 1998 as an experienced marine surveyor INTERNATIONAL NAUTICAL SERVICES  (INS-Yacht survey). If you want to go buy a boat or a ship or a boat has purchased subject to ship expertise you can count on my services. There is an office in Belgium and The Netherlands but we operate worldwide.

For pre-purchase surveys made by INS NEDERLAND the HISWA general conditions for survey and valuation are applicable. For other inspections and surveys by INS Belgium the general sales conditions are applicable.

If you choose for an HISWA QUALIFIED YACHT SURVEYOR (INS Netherlands) for a pre purchase survey then you know:

  • he works 100% independent
  • he has many years of experiences in the field of yacht survey.
  • he is regulary following courses and upgrades about new technologies and applications.
  • he has an Insurance
  • the HISWA Qualified Yacht Surveyor Conditions (INS Nederland) for survey and valuation are applicable.

Why yacht inspection?

There are many reasons to have a boat inspected by a qualified independent yacht surveyor. Mainly it is a cost effective investment. When you by a used yacht, you want to be sure  that it is in a good condition as it appears and perhaps with your lack of technical knowhow you do not see the hidden defects or are allready in love with the boat to see defect and hidden damages . It could have been damage by fire, collision or bad maintenance. Your independent INS yacht surveyor can assist you to estimate the status of the ship. Many different surveys ars available, depending on your needs. A complete survey can be done  but also part inspections and taxation will give you the security that you will not be surprised by unexpected costs. In practice it has shown that your return on investment is guaranteed.

Please take a look at our side to find the service you are looking for. Please do not hesitate to contact without obligations to discuss your possibilities or to answer your questions.