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– Member of the HISWA Association
– Nationally and internationally recognised
– Independent and at least 10 years of experience
– Professional experts on a higher vocational education level
– Compulsory professional liability insurance
– Affiliated through HISWA Association with the Water Recreation Disputes Committee in The Hague
– Use HISWA General Conditions for Expertise
– Use of HISWA Purchase inspection report
– The HISWA Purchase Assessment Report is accepted by insurance companies and financial institutions.

It is wise to plan a day for it, even for smaller boats. In general, it is difficult to say how long a (partial) inspection will take. What is certain is that it must be thorough. Time is primarily a factor of the condition of the boat rather than its size or age. In principle, we inspect all parts that can be tested or clearly indicate this.

If you have an inspection carried out, you receive an inspection report in which the general condition of the vessel is written down. So you know immediately whether the ship meets your expectations. Your INS surveyor makes sure that you buy a ship without surprises. So you can be sure of what you are buying.

No. The INS Netherlands Yachtsurveyor is for instance HISWA Qualified yacht expert and certified VRT and EMCI expert surveyor. These certifications guarantee the client the necessary expertise and quality. Always check that the surveyor you wish to engage has the necessary knowledge and experience. Our profession is not protected, which means that there are big differences between surveyors. If the surveyor is a member of one of the well-known organisations, you can be sure of your choice. Always ask for refresher courses to ensure that the surveyor’s knowledge is up to date.

The inspections and costs depend on the type and condition of the ship. Therefore, it is impossible to give a fixed price list. Please contact us to discuss the costs. In general, prices per length are applicable up to 15 metres, i.e. up to 7 metres, between 7 and 10 metres, between 10 and 12.5 metres and between 12.50 and 15 metres. For ships larger than 15 metres, we will be happy to provide a specific quote.

Because INS is affiliated and certified by HISWA (INS Netherlands), VRT and EMCI and also holds an accreditation by the Antwerp Commercial Court, its reports will be accepted by both domestic and foreign insurance companies.

It is a great opportunity to feel how the boat performs. To feel if the boat is suitable for you as a captain and if the engine and its overall performance is what you would expect. It is also the time to test the steering set-up, control elements and so on.

It is recommended for most inspections that the ship is out of the water. However, this depends on the inspection. Please contact us for more information.

We strongly recommend this for a purchase inspection. It is less necessary for other inspections.