Partial inspections & Others

Thanks to our long-standing presence in the sector and experience with all types of vessels, locations and assignments, we are able to offer a range of other services in addition to purchase inspections, surveys, mediation, valuation, vessel training and transport.

Below is a list of other possible assignments for which you can count on our expertise:

Partial inspections

Sometimes it is sufficient to inspect only part of the vessel or its functions. Even then you can count on us.

Some examples of partial inspections:

Gas inspections – as a Hiswa recognized gas inspection company we carry out gas inspections on your ship. Upon approval of the installation you will receive a certificate of approval with a validity of 3 years.
Leak test – with specialized equipment, based on ultrasound, we examine the ship and check the tightness of windows, doors, fuel tanks, holds, etc.
Engine inspection – during an engine inspection we test the head gasket for leaks, the engine foundation and vibration dampers, the fuel lines, the fuel tank filling and venting lines, the air filter, the exhaust system, the cooling water systems, antifreeze test of closed coolant systems, lubricating oil system, engine wiring, V-belts and pulleys, engine panel, alternator including measurement of charge current and voltage, the starter battery including battery analysis, reverse gear, thrust bearing, propulsion system alignment
Osmosis moisture measurement – detection of delamination by moisture measurement, knock test and visual inspection.
Trial run – A ship or yacht sailing provides the most accurate estimate of the range of the engine and other installations directly involved in sailing. That is why we always recommend a sea trial, for both second-hand and new vessels, in addition to the various inspections and checks at standstill. We look at the sailing behavior, navigation characteristics, functioning of the engine, auxiliary equipment, anchors, nautical instruments, … In addition, we also assess space and functionality, comfort, noise and safety on board.
Thermographic heat measurement – this inspection allows us to evaluate the engine without disassembling it. With these methods we can detect early wear of rotating shafts, bearings and gearboxes. We can also evaluate other components such as electrical installations and boiler equipment.
Ultrasonic skin thickness measurement – In steel or aluminum vessels, the thickness of the skin and structure is measured. We have equipment that can often do this without damaging the paint.
Hull inspection: often in combination with osmosis research and skin thickness measurements where we also look at the propeller shaft, propeller, rudders, bow and stern thruster, … we assess the protection and do research on electrolysis and galvanic corrosion.


Construction supervision

Are you having your own ship built or are you converting an existing ship? Then we would also like to assist you with our knowledge and experience.

There is a lot involved, even if you do not work as a craftsman yourself. Before your dream yacht awaits you in the marina, a yard has to be found and appointed, among other things. You also put together a package of requirements and wishes in which design, features and extra functions are determined.

Finally, your delivered boat must be inspected one last time by an independent expert. An entire process in which we are happy to assist you.

Technical Advice

With their recognition as technical advisors, our experts can support you in construction and/or repair works.

For example, we advise on ways to prevent costs from rising, to speed up processes, to reduce costs, to choose materials, production processes, etc., to predict life expectancy and economic viability.

CE Testing EU 94-25

In cooperation with a notified body, INS can assist you in obtaining CE certification for pleasure craft in Europe. This can be for a new vessel but is also necessary for import vessels from outside the EU.

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