Purchase inspections

Are you about to buy or sell a ship? Then a purchase inspection can be very valuable to you. As a buyer you are sure of what you are buying and you will not be surprised afterwards. As a seller, a purchase inspection can emphasise your professionalism as a seller and you can demonstrate the quality of the vessel in an objective manner.

A ship subject to our purchase inspection, is tested by us on almost 300 points including:


the condition of the hull by means of skin thickness measurement and osmosis moisture measurements

The paint systems below and above the waterline

The deck and superstructure

The propulsion system including rudders and propellers

the technical installations such as the electrical system, plumbing, heating, gas installation, air conditioning, etc.

the navigation and on-board instruments

sails and rigging

safety and rescue equipment


The valuation and osmosis moisture survey are also included in the purchase inspection. For steel or aluminum yachts, a skin thickness measurement is always performed on the known critical points. Even the paint systems are measured if relevant.

This thorough examination often reveals wear or shortcomings that the seller was unaware of. After the inspection you will immediately receive a verbal explanation. Afterwards you will receive all our findings in a for the Netherlands HISWA-standardized inspection report if the inspection took place in the Netherlands. If the inspection takes place in Belgium, the Belgian standard is followed.

In addition to our findings, the inspection report will also include the expected repair and replacement costs, if applicable.

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