Whether it is for financing, insurance, divorce, inheritance or a dispute, knowing the true value of a boat, sail or motor yacht is extremely important. All our surveyors and experts are members of the Dutch Association of Surveyors (VRT), HISWA and EMCI to determine the value independently and with expertise.

An appraisal of a ship or yacht gives the most accurate possible valuation based on a determination of the state of repair, a risk analysis and a related indication of the value of the ship. A valuation can also be part of a comprehensive purchase inspection, but can also be carried out separately.


Valuation reports are drawn up in case of.

  • Purchase or sale
  • Financing for purchase or refit
  • Insurance (fixed appraisal value for three years)
  • Insurance salvage and liability
  • Shared ownership
  • Estate planning
  • Inheritances / legacies
  • Bankruptcy
  • Import

The following briefly discusses the various reasons for requesting an appraisal.



To obtain credit or financing for your yacht, the bank or lender requires a market-based valuation of the vessel. The value of the collateral is determined by an independent expert such as INS Yachtsurvey. An appraisal for financing establishes two values: the replacement value and the foreclosure value. The replacement value is the actual value of the vessel or yacht on the day of the appraisal. The foreclosure value is the forced sale value within 3 to 6 months. This is a percentage of the current value, depending on the type of vessel and the economic circumstances. The valuation report, with the objectively determined values, contains a detailed description of the boat and its installations, the interior and the equipment.


A correct valuation is also important when insuring your boat. A too low value coverage can lead to big disappointments in case of an accident or damage, an overestimation drives the price of the insurance unnecessarily high. Suppose a change in drive happens or a refit takes place. Keep in mind that this will affect the value and thus the insurance of the ship. So remember to have a valuation (re)carried out even then.  INS Survey provides this valuation that establishes the replacement value of the ship or yacht as a whole or per part for the insurance company. To optimally insure your vessel against fire, loss or theft, we recommend an independent expert valuation at least once every 5 years.  


Separation of estates

In case of a separation of estates, for example in case of a divorce, all parties involved will benefit from a correct valuation of the goods to be divided, in this case a ship. The valuation of a ship or yacht can be carried out for one or both parties. An independent, certified surveyor is the person of choice to carry out this assignment. 



When dividing an inheritance, a correct estimation of the value of a ship can avoid a lot of disagreement and discussion. An inheritance valuation is a valuation that is carefully, independently and objectively performed without the influence of emotional factors. An EMCI certified appraiser provides a thorough report where the market demand and condition, important value determining factors, are described in detail.


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