Transportation & Learning to Sail

Your ship needs to get from place A to B but you do not have the right means of transport or you are not aware of all the regulations? Or you have a ship but still miss some sailing technical skills? Then you have come to the right place.


The transport of your vessel can be quite an undertaking. The transport can go from quay to winter storage, from mooring to vacation destination,… Everything is possible. The transports that we accompany are transports

  • via own keel
  • road transport
  • Combination sea/road

Learning to sail

Having a ship or yacht is one thing, being able to sail it is another. In preparation of obtaining a sailing license or to get to know your new ship better, you can rely on our ‘learning to sail’ service.

Here are some of the practical actions that we teach:

  • Mooring in the port
  • Basic safety on board
  • Basic steering of the boat
  • Basic knots and their use
  • Basic steering at high(er) speed
  • Sailing forwards/backwards
  • Taking of locks
  • Harbour manoeuvres
  • Man overboard manoeuvre

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